Rick's Eclipse Phase Campaign

Entering the ship
What secrets lay in wait?

Eris Corrigan is very helpful in keep us alive and getting us safely to the airlock of the disable, Marathon. Gwen was knocked around pretty bad when her jet-pack malfunctioned and she slammed into one of the antennas. Inside the ship she seems to gather herself well enough. The ship gravity is malfunctioning and many panels are on emergency power.

The party readies their weapons, most of them with pistols. Daniel takes the lead. Star Shadow activates his chameleon skin and slinks along the wall following the party. Once air-lock finishes cycling the party manually overrides the doors and continues into a frozen and toxic atmosphere. Immediately they encounter a dead member of the crew named, L. Scott, shot twice in the chest. Not long after that each member of the party receives an urgent warning the toxic atmosphere is eating away that their suites. They have 6 hrs until they are compromised.

The lift tube door is open and empty. They make their way to engineering. Soon after entering the room they are fired upon by a mystery assailant. He runs and hides from the party. From his hidden vantage point on the ceiling Star Shadow deploys his smart dust and quickly constructs a virtual 3D model of the room in the occupants. The nano bots of the smart quickly identify the man as, F. Saint Pierre, another crew member of the ship. Apparently he is very scared and confused. While negotiations between Pierre and Daniel take place, Star Shadow moves into place above Pierre. Star Shadow signals Daniel that he is about to deploy a distraction. Aiming carefully Star Shadow sprays ink at Pierre’s face but still ends up hitting his shoulder instead. Even more confused Pierre frantically looks around. In a rush Daniel tackles Pierre and convinces him to settle down and talk with him. Pierre calms down and let’s his pistol float away. Saint Pierre then relates the details of an attack on the Marathon. Elaborately armored solders docked with the ship in a very focused and coordinated attack. The power was knocked out quickly, many of the crew suffocated, the intruders systematically destroy worker drones as Pierre was hiding from them.

With their new found friend they make their way to the cargo hold to attempt to retrieve the item with which they were tasked. During a short search they find the container they need in one of the closets. But it has opened and is empty. While inspecting the box Daniel hears a strange servo noise. Thinking it’s a cargo bot he relaxes a bit. Only to find out that he’s been shot. His armor and tactical software reveals that the shots are coming from a security droid behind him from the corner. He fires off two shots both times, melting two large duvets in the wall with his Microwave Agonizor beam gun. Gwen is sent the notification of what is going and sprints as best she can across the cargo bay in her magnetic boots. She get a good shot at it. Now forcing it to move to a different position but not helping it at all. The next shot from Gwen sends sparks flying with the bot now disabled and twirling in the micro-gravity. But another bot has propelled itself from the ceiling.


Research reveals the attack is most likely from organized crime syndicate.

They then go back onto the Marathon to search more clues about the attack.

Tumbling Through Space
A painful and deadly experience.

We prepare to board a crippled ship and threaten to kill ourselves in the process.


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